Friday, January 18, 2013

A Week of Random Thoughts

Random Thought #1
I had Fro-Yo for lunch today because it is a 40 degrees and it feels kind of like Spring. I am livin' it up now because come Sunday, we are at subzero temps and I will not be stepping foot outside.  I grateful that our outdoor hockey games are on Saturday and not Sunday.

Random Thought#2
I made it through my first week of school without a nervous breakdown.  I said it before, I am a tad overwhelmed.  I don't think it is the classes so much as playing the part of new student.  I am in classes with really young people and they all seem to know their stuff.  I sat in class last night hanging on every word my instructor had to share about Adobe Flash and half of the students were hanging out on Facebook and texting (disrespectful!)....yet they were done with their in class assignments about an hour before I was.   I was slowwwwww.   I am sure I will be up to speed soon.  I am still in a little bit of shock that we UPLOAD our assignments and find everything we need in an interactive website.  Back in my day (yeah, I said it...back in my day), computers were not used with the exception of typing up a paper....and printer paper had the perforated rails to tear off.  Yeah....I feel like I am a dinosaur.

Random Thought#3
I ran two miles without stopping.  I was pretty happy to hit this milestone.  Then one of my son's friends told me he saw me "jogging" and I looked "funny".  I punched him in the face and asked him if he still thought I was funny.  I didn't really punch him, but I kinda wanted to. ha!
Random Thought#4 We have another hockey filled weekend.  My oldest is in a local hockey tournament and he plays Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  My younger two have games and will be playing outdoors to celebrate Hockey Day Minnesota.  It is so much fun....even if it is cold.  I am not a winter person, but nothing beats a great game of outdoor hockey.  The younger two played a game last night on Lake Nokomis.  Every year they have a HUGE pond hockey tournament and turn the lake into several (several as in 36+ hockey rinks).  This is the same lake I swam in for my Triathlon.

Diva is in the middle sporting her pink and black stick
 Random Thought#5
If my kids' hockey wasn't enough, My Gophers are play North Dakota.  This is a HUGE rivalry and it is the last time they will play them in a regular season WCHA game because the University of Minnesota is moving to the Big 10 conference next year.  We had tickets to this game but because we love our children dearly, we traded them for another game. ****dramatic sigh****   Random Thought #6 I have Monday off and nothing on the calendar.  Sounds like a perfect day to spend in PJs catching up on trashtastic TV!   Happy Weekend Everyone!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Me and a Bunch of Dudes

I started my class last night and I am pretty excited about it. I am learning something completely new and way out of my comfort zone. I am going back to school for web design. My first class was a computer science course for HTML/XHTML. There were no pre-requisites for the course so it was a prefect one to take first as I am extremely technology challenged (hence that is why I am going back to school). Thankfully they are starting from the basics like talking about how the internet started and defining all of these crazy letters (http, html, LAN, WAN). I had a mild panic attack when our instructor told us we have to "zip" our files. I have no idea what that is. I have my work cut out for me but I am pretty stoked to be learning all of this cool new stuff.

My blog post yesterday was all about my fears about being the oldest one in class, not knowing if I would fit in, or if I would even remember how to be a student. What I didn't worry about was being the only women in class. The class started and when I looked around I realized I was in the middle of a huge sausage fest. Even worse, they were all techno dudes or at least that is the conclusion I made when I was eavesdropping. I was relieved when I saw two more women come into class. Phew, I am glad I am not the only one!

I am not going to lie.....I am overwhelmed, even after the first day of class. Somehow I need to excel in school while working full-time, raising my kids, training for a marathon, and all during our hockey season. I am not willing to give anything up so I am choosing the lose my mind route. I am really lucky that I have tons of supportive people in my life and I know I can be successful at all of the above. Until I have these certifications......please ignore the crazy lady (me).

Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

There is not enough coffee in the world today to keep my eyes open.  We had one of those weekends where all we did was run (and I don't mean for exercise).  We spend most of the weekend doing hockey related activities and we have set a new record ..... 14 hours of hockey on Saturday.  We had tournament volunteer shifts to fulfil, a couple of kid games, a practice, and we rounded it out with a Gopher Hockey game (date night...we are pretty exciting).   It is a good thing we loved every minute of it! 

Friday night was the only day I got a run in this weekend.  It was in the 40's and it was raining.  I loved it and it felt almost like a springtime run.  Almost.  I ran two miles.  My plan was to run this same route on Saturday and Sunday too but all that rain we got.... froze.  Putting me and ice together is a recipe for disaster.  I could have worked out indoors but time wise didn't work out.  So, I am a gal full of excuses this Monday morning.

I start school TONIGHT!  I can't really express how I feel about it yet.  I am excited because I am doing something I am interested in doing.  I am scared because I have not been a student for a very long time.  I am nervous because it is new.  I also think I am a tad overwhelmed even before starting because of the added commitment on my already crazy schedule.  Then there are my insecurities, will I be the oldest in the class?  How to people take notes these days?  Will I be able to keep up?  blah, blah, blah.  I am trying to stop over thinking and just jump into it.  After all, this will be my life for at least the next year.  GULP.

My class is not until 6PM tonight. I hope to get home, get a quickie in (running that is!!), and wolf down some dinner before heading to school. 

Wish me luck!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hunger Game

Today's "lesson" in my Fat Chance book was to experience hunger.  I have named this exercise the Hunger Game.  The point of the lesson is to learn how to feel hungry and listen to your body's signals.  I decided to skip breakfast and the last thing I had to eat was around 8:30PM last night (popcorn, or crackcorn as I call it).  I decided enough was enough  and it was time to stuff my pie hole and that was around 11:00AM today.  I looked at my lunch and decided it needed a supplemental fix as a small bowl of tomato basil soup was not going to cut it.

I decided to go on a little field trip for lunch.....CVS.  Yes, the drug store.  At CVS, I purchased Jalapeno beef sticks/cheese curds and Peanut Butter M&Ms (the big bag because they were on sale with my extra care card).  Do NOT judge me by eating drug store food!!!!  I was a little desperate.

This was an really bad idea.

My plan was to supplement my lunch with one beef stick and a few cheese curds then have an afternoon sweet treat with a few M&Ms.  What really happened was I got back to my desk and ate the entire package of beef and cheese (520 calories) and HALF of the big bag of M&Ms (880 calories).  In 14 minutes, I consumed a whole day's worth of calories.  YIPES.  Yet, my sensible tomato basil soup sits here mocking me.

What did I learn:
  • Hungry and ravenous are two different things
  • It is not a good idea to do this exercise if you are PMSing
  • It is also not a good idea to shop at CVS while hungry
  • CVS beef and cheese isn't as scary as it looks
  • The nutritional info on those M&Ms HAVE to be wrong!  Those suckers add up quick.
  • I am going to have to workout a long time tonight
FYI this was lesson 2, day 2.....I got kind of a late start.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Diva's Dance Class

This past August my daughter announced that she would NEVER do dance class again.  I popped a bottle of champagne and called my BFF and told her the good news.  She shared my joy as her daughter made the same claim.  We were not going to sit though another year of torture of sitting through dance class.  Yes,  it is all about us. 

At that point, I should have shut my big fat mouth.

On the day of the sign up, I was about to recycle the registration forms when I asked one last time "Are you SURE you do not want to do dance this year?"  It was then that she did a 180 and begged me to sign her up. She even put a tutu on to prove her point that she LOVED dance enough to do it again for another year.  If you know my daughter, this is not something she gets excited about wearing.  She couldn't wait to dance again.  Crap.  If I had only kept my mouth shut and burned the forms she would not have known anything about it.  I called my BFF and told her it was game on and to get her daughter signed up ASAP.  She called me a string of profane names and I just responded, "see you Wednesday, save me a seat".

My daughter enjoys dance class.  She has friends that are in the class including her own BFF, she loves the teacher, and just loves to shake her bootie.  Like me, she is not a fan of all of the "girly" things including the frilly costumes.  This was a photo before her recital last year and she was not a fan of the "sparkles". 

Last night we received our costumes for this year's recital.   HIDEOUS (sorry if you are reading Ms. Carrie).  This costume has cat ears!!!  CAT EARS!!!!! Now Diva is smiling in this photo but she had a few snide comments about what she was wearing (apple does not fall far from the tree).  She got pretty upset when I told her she looked like Honey Boo Boo

I did sneak in my 2 mile run last night.  It was pretty slow but I am running longer without coughing.  I got home from my run 2 minutes before we had to leave for dance. I threw on dry clothes and masked the smell of sweat with was all I could find.  Classy, I know.  I thought maybe the smell would keep people such luck.  I did however learn more about preschool discipline and what to do when mommy is sick. 

Two more miles are on the calendar tonight.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hump Day Ramblings

Monday I did not go to work because I felt horrible.  The after shocks of the flu were killing me me.  The coughing was driving me crazy and made Chubby Hubby want to file for divorce.  Even my fellow hockey moms were giving me grief about my crud (evidently it is not the norm to fall asleep at hockey practice).  I let it carry on long enough so I played the role of a responsible person and went to the doctor rather than trying to kill the illness with homemade booze (works better than Nyquil!).

Just as a expected....back to Bronchitis-ville.  The good news it was not Pneumonia as they thought.  I received a new inhaler and some other drugs to help clear this up.  Two days later and I am feeling very close to (dare I say it) normal.  The sucky thing is having this crud back to back.

There is something more disturbing than having the never ending case of Bronchitis.  Can someone please tell my WHY there is a need to weigh in just to be checked out for a cough???  When the nurse instructed me to jump on the scale I had some crazy delusion that I was going to be pleasantly surprised by what the scale said.  I have been working out despite my hacking and I have not had much of an appetite.  I was NOT expecting a number that was 5lbs less than my HIGHEST WEIGHT EVER.  I just about fainted when I saw the number.   Thankfully, I didn't receive the "you are too fat" lecture from the doctor.  (I couldn't even blame the scale because mine was the exact same at home. hmmmpf).

The funny thing is, I jumped on the scale today and had the result I was hoping for at the doctors office.  There was an 6LB difference!!!  I guess I was retaining a bit of water and I can be relieved.  Perhaps I am doing something right.

I have run 6 out of the last 8 days.  I may have just high-fived myself.  Last night's run ended up being more of a walk because I kept running in to people I knew in the neighborhood.  When I realized I had to book it back home, I had gone ONE whole 31 minutes!  Too bad I can run as good as I run my mouth.

Tonight's plan is to sneak in a short run between dinner and dance class. class.  I have another whole blog post about that subject.  Yuck.

Happy Hump Day!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Three Things Thursday

I have deemed 2013 as the year of my "Big Fat Midlife Crisis".  In exactly 350 days, I will turn 40.  Seriously, how am I knocking on the next decade's door?  I still feel (and act) like I am in high school.  I truthfully do not have a problem with turning 40 but I am using it as an excuse to make 2013 all about me (Well, all about me as much as three kids and working full-time will allow)!!! Here is the list of some of the things you can expect from me this year and please don't question my sanity...hence this is why I have called it my midlife crisis.

  • Polar Dash- 1/1/13-DONE
  • Back to school 1/14/13
  • Half of a Half 10K-2/16/13
  • Get Lucky Half Marathon -3/16/13
  • Goldy's Run 10 Miler-4/13/13
  • Grandma's Marathon -6/22/13
  • YWCA Triathlon -8/18/13
  • Warrior Dash -9/6/13 (though I VOWED never again, I can't pass up a good Groupon)
  • Twin Cities Marathon 10/6/13
  • Get a new job -ASAP (which is not as easy as it sounds)
That is just a few of the things I am throwing around.  You did read it right, no one but TWO marathons!!!Chubby Hubby is THRILLED about that fact!!! God willing, I will be able and injury free to do everything I want to do.

NUMBER TWO Last month I was send a copy of a book titled Fat Chance to review.  This is a interactive workbook that challenges your thinking, lifestyle, and eating habits to encourage weight loss.  I was intrigued so I decided to review it by following the 12 week program.  I am a sucker for a good pen and paper type journal; this is right up my alley.  Though I didn't mention it above, weight loss is on the 2013 to do list (as if it has not been on there for the last two decades).  I started yesterday and I will post about the journey at least weekly.  I hope I look a little smaller in twelve weeks.  If you are interested in participating, you can get your own copy HERE.
image courtesy of
I am back to living gluten free.  After Thanksgiving, I gave up and ate whatever I wanted.  I didn't realize how good I felt not having gluten in my diet until I started eating it again.  Back in October I found out I had a wheat allergy and when I gave up wheat/gluten and a lot of chronic symptoms disappeared.  Since I tempted fate, the headaches are back, my joints are sore, my stomach is out of control, and my sinuses are plugged.  I love my beer and bread but it is not worth it to feel this way.  I am looking forward to feeling better and having more energy.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

How is it already 2013?  I swear each year goes by faster and faster.  I have to say that I am glad 2012 is over.  It was not a bad year, in fact there were several highlights such as:
  • Completing Grandma's Marathon
  • Completing my first triathlon
  • My 20 year class reunion
  • Going to Arizona to run a half marathon
  • Hanging out in Florida for RnR
Our family did have a few curve balls thrown our way and my hope that 2013 will bring better luck. 

Normally I elaborate on the past year's events and list my goals for the new year.  I really haven't put much thought into it....yet.....give me a few days and I will have list.

I did kickoff the new year by running a 5K with some girlfriends.  When I woke up I didn't know if the race would be in the cards for me.  I have been battling the lingering side effects of influenza and was not sure if it was a good idea to run in the extreme cold.  I really wanted to go back to bed but the thought of losing the money paid for the registration ended up being the reason I toed the starting line.  To cut to the chase, I finished in 40:57.  Though it was not a speedy finish, I am happy with the time.  I ran most of the race and took a couple of walk breaks because of coughing fits.  I felt it was a good way to start 2013 and blow the sick stink off myself.

Happy New Year!