Friday, January 18, 2013

A Week of Random Thoughts

Random Thought #1
I had Fro-Yo for lunch today because it is a 40 degrees and it feels kind of like Spring. I am livin' it up now because come Sunday, we are at subzero temps and I will not be stepping foot outside.  I grateful that our outdoor hockey games are on Saturday and not Sunday.

Random Thought#2
I made it through my first week of school without a nervous breakdown.  I said it before, I am a tad overwhelmed.  I don't think it is the classes so much as playing the part of new student.  I am in classes with really young people and they all seem to know their stuff.  I sat in class last night hanging on every word my instructor had to share about Adobe Flash and half of the students were hanging out on Facebook and texting (disrespectful!)....yet they were done with their in class assignments about an hour before I was.   I was slowwwwww.   I am sure I will be up to speed soon.  I am still in a little bit of shock that we UPLOAD our assignments and find everything we need in an interactive website.  Back in my day (yeah, I said it...back in my day), computers were not used with the exception of typing up a paper....and printer paper had the perforated rails to tear off.  Yeah....I feel like I am a dinosaur.

Random Thought#3
I ran two miles without stopping.  I was pretty happy to hit this milestone.  Then one of my son's friends told me he saw me "jogging" and I looked "funny".  I punched him in the face and asked him if he still thought I was funny.  I didn't really punch him, but I kinda wanted to. ha!
Random Thought#4 We have another hockey filled weekend.  My oldest is in a local hockey tournament and he plays Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  My younger two have games and will be playing outdoors to celebrate Hockey Day Minnesota.  It is so much fun....even if it is cold.  I am not a winter person, but nothing beats a great game of outdoor hockey.  The younger two played a game last night on Lake Nokomis.  Every year they have a HUGE pond hockey tournament and turn the lake into several (several as in 36+ hockey rinks).  This is the same lake I swam in for my Triathlon.

Diva is in the middle sporting her pink and black stick
 Random Thought#5
If my kids' hockey wasn't enough, My Gophers are play North Dakota.  This is a HUGE rivalry and it is the last time they will play them in a regular season WCHA game because the University of Minnesota is moving to the Big 10 conference next year.  We had tickets to this game but because we love our children dearly, we traded them for another game. ****dramatic sigh****   Random Thought #6 I have Monday off and nothing on the calendar.  Sounds like a perfect day to spend in PJs catching up on trashtastic TV!   Happy Weekend Everyone!


Diana said...

It's supposed to be Zero degrees Monday morning here....I can't wait for the weekend to end so I can get out and enjoy!

Winter freak-that's me!

christina said...

I am so freaking glad Im done school! My husband swears I will want to get my doctorate but no I dont think so. Remember to keep your focus on now and not the road because it will seem very very long :)

Congrats on the 2miles!

Ann-E said...

I went back to school in 2008 to finish my Masters in Education (19 years after I finished my B.S.), and I had the same culture shock you are going through! I truly learned more about technology than I learned about the subject matter! Hang in will be up to speed in no time and running rings around those young slacking whippersnappers :).

kilax said...

WTG on the 2 miles w/o stopping!!!

Are you learning Flash? I thought it was so hard when I tried to figure it out!!!

terr davidson said...

Well done on the two miles! Bet it was hard

Casey Thooft said...

The kids that sit on their computers and text during class are the kids just make it by. I wouldn't feel bad!

Also, 2 miles is great! Im not a big runner, but 1 mile is enough for me!

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