Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hump Day Ramblings

Monday I did not go to work because I felt horrible.  The after shocks of the flu were killing me me.  The coughing was driving me crazy and made Chubby Hubby want to file for divorce.  Even my fellow hockey moms were giving me grief about my crud (evidently it is not the norm to fall asleep at hockey practice).  I let it carry on long enough so I played the role of a responsible person and went to the doctor rather than trying to kill the illness with homemade booze (works better than Nyquil!).

Just as a expected....back to Bronchitis-ville.  The good news it was not Pneumonia as they thought.  I received a new inhaler and some other drugs to help clear this up.  Two days later and I am feeling very close to (dare I say it) normal.  The sucky thing is having this crud back to back.

There is something more disturbing than having the never ending case of Bronchitis.  Can someone please tell my WHY there is a need to weigh in just to be checked out for a cough???  When the nurse instructed me to jump on the scale I had some crazy delusion that I was going to be pleasantly surprised by what the scale said.  I have been working out despite my hacking and I have not had much of an appetite.  I was NOT expecting a number that was 5lbs less than my HIGHEST WEIGHT EVER.  I just about fainted when I saw the number.   Thankfully, I didn't receive the "you are too fat" lecture from the doctor.  (I couldn't even blame the scale because mine was the exact same at home. hmmmpf).

The funny thing is, I jumped on the scale today and had the result I was hoping for at the doctors office.  There was an 6LB difference!!!  I guess I was retaining a bit of water and I can be relieved.  Perhaps I am doing something right.

I have run 6 out of the last 8 days.  I may have just high-fived myself.  Last night's run ended up being more of a walk because I kept running in to people I knew in the neighborhood.  When I realized I had to book it back home, I had gone ONE whole 31 minutes!  Too bad I can run as good as I run my mouth.

Tonight's plan is to sneak in a short run between dinner and dance class. class.  I have another whole blog post about that subject.  Yuck.

Happy Hump Day!


Megsie said...

Holy Crap... you need to get better. You fell asleep at hockey? Yeah, that is a sign. I am glad you went to the doctor and now you are feeling close to normal.

Carolina John said...

ran 6 out of the last 8 days with bronc? there's something seriously beast about that!