Friday, January 11, 2013

Hunger Game

Today's "lesson" in my Fat Chance book was to experience hunger.  I have named this exercise the Hunger Game.  The point of the lesson is to learn how to feel hungry and listen to your body's signals.  I decided to skip breakfast and the last thing I had to eat was around 8:30PM last night (popcorn, or crackcorn as I call it).  I decided enough was enough  and it was time to stuff my pie hole and that was around 11:00AM today.  I looked at my lunch and decided it needed a supplemental fix as a small bowl of tomato basil soup was not going to cut it.

I decided to go on a little field trip for lunch.....CVS.  Yes, the drug store.  At CVS, I purchased Jalapeno beef sticks/cheese curds and Peanut Butter M&Ms (the big bag because they were on sale with my extra care card).  Do NOT judge me by eating drug store food!!!!  I was a little desperate.

This was an really bad idea.

My plan was to supplement my lunch with one beef stick and a few cheese curds then have an afternoon sweet treat with a few M&Ms.  What really happened was I got back to my desk and ate the entire package of beef and cheese (520 calories) and HALF of the big bag of M&Ms (880 calories).  In 14 minutes, I consumed a whole day's worth of calories.  YIPES.  Yet, my sensible tomato basil soup sits here mocking me.

What did I learn:
  • Hungry and ravenous are two different things
  • It is not a good idea to do this exercise if you are PMSing
  • It is also not a good idea to shop at CVS while hungry
  • CVS beef and cheese isn't as scary as it looks
  • The nutritional info on those M&Ms HAVE to be wrong!  Those suckers add up quick.
  • I am going to have to workout a long time tonight
FYI this was lesson 2, day 2.....I got kind of a late start.

Happy Friday!


Karen C. said...

Did you put your face in the M&M bag? Because if you didn't, it isn't gluttony!! That's my rule, anyway!!

MojoMissy said...

CVS is my weak spot, too. It happens!

Ann-E said...

You are a brave woman! I hate the mere idea of being away from my snacks of choice. I have a stash at work and in my purse for those "just in case" times. I rarely break into them, but I just feel better knowing they are there.

Claire said...

This is one more reason I hate M&Ms...the fool you with being small.

Anonymous said...

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Lisa said...

I also notice when I am ravenous that I tend to gravitate towards M&Ms as opposed to say... soup.