Thursday, February 14, 2013

Catching Up....Yet Again

I always know that I have been neglecting my blog when my dad lectures me about the lack of updates.  Last week he reminded me that my last post was January 18th....and it was.  I love that he reads it and actually cares if I post or not.  Though, if you knew him in real life he would tell he didn't give a shit and that blogging is a complete waste of time. 

I have had a lot of stuff to write about but unfortunately not a ton of time to string my thoughts together.  School, work, kids, and hockey are sucking up all of my time.  I have been hitting the ground running every morning (and not the kind of running I want to be doing) and I collapse into bed every night.  Thankfully things will be calming down in a few weeks.  Hockey season (the winter one) is coming to an end and I will be done with one class on March 7th.  I am not sure I will know what to do with all of that free time!  For now her is a few things that have been going on in my chubby little world.

Grandma's Marathon

I registered about two weeks ago.  I am very excited for this race and I feel like I am going to have a good one.  I am not dreading the training like I have in the last few years.  Though, I will admit when I clicked "register" I felt a wave of nausea as I thought about double digit and multiple hour training runs.  I am seeking the guidance of Hal Higdon and my favorite Mother Runners for training this time around.  Monday, 2/17/13, kicks off the official 18 week training cycle!  Where I am going to fit this in is beyond me but I am hellbent on doing it.

Strength Training Class

I am very fortunate to have an awesome employer with kick ass bennies.  One of the perks is a group strength training class.  I had to pony up $199 and all I need to do is attend 13 out of the 16 class and I will receive a full refund of my money.  Sweet deal.  I signed up, had a Bod Pod assessment (more on that later), and a fitness test.  I had my first classes this week and I think I am really going to see some results.  It is a 45 minute class that is a circuit style with weights, cardio, and stability workouts.  At the end of the eight weeks, the Bod Pod test is repeated.

My First Spin Class

I have tried to block that experience from my memory.  Here is what I remember and/or learned:
  • There is not a lot of personal space between bikes
  • Trying to coast is a bad idea
  • My arse has never been that sore in my life
  • Spin class makes me have a potty mouth


My classes are going well.  I am enjoying both of them and I am learning a lot.  I am a fish out of water with a lot of the technical stuff but I seem to be catching on.   In fact, I am practicing my HTML coding on this very blog post.  Please be impressed.   I am not sure how my instructors like me...I am that person that is the last to leave the classroom and the one that challenges a decision to deduct one point taken off an assignment.  My goal is walking out with a 4.0.   When I was in college the first time....I failed a class called "Learning to Become a Master Student".  FAILED IT.  I guess they wanted you to attend the class.  What a difference a couple of decades can have! 

Happy Valentine's Day!