Thursday, February 14, 2013

Catching Up....Yet Again

I always know that I have been neglecting my blog when my dad lectures me about the lack of updates.  Last week he reminded me that my last post was January 18th....and it was.  I love that he reads it and actually cares if I post or not.  Though, if you knew him in real life he would tell he didn't give a shit and that blogging is a complete waste of time. 

I have had a lot of stuff to write about but unfortunately not a ton of time to string my thoughts together.  School, work, kids, and hockey are sucking up all of my time.  I have been hitting the ground running every morning (and not the kind of running I want to be doing) and I collapse into bed every night.  Thankfully things will be calming down in a few weeks.  Hockey season (the winter one) is coming to an end and I will be done with one class on March 7th.  I am not sure I will know what to do with all of that free time!  For now her is a few things that have been going on in my chubby little world.

Grandma's Marathon

I registered about two weeks ago.  I am very excited for this race and I feel like I am going to have a good one.  I am not dreading the training like I have in the last few years.  Though, I will admit when I clicked "register" I felt a wave of nausea as I thought about double digit and multiple hour training runs.  I am seeking the guidance of Hal Higdon and my favorite Mother Runners for training this time around.  Monday, 2/17/13, kicks off the official 18 week training cycle!  Where I am going to fit this in is beyond me but I am hellbent on doing it.

Strength Training Class

I am very fortunate to have an awesome employer with kick ass bennies.  One of the perks is a group strength training class.  I had to pony up $199 and all I need to do is attend 13 out of the 16 class and I will receive a full refund of my money.  Sweet deal.  I signed up, had a Bod Pod assessment (more on that later), and a fitness test.  I had my first classes this week and I think I am really going to see some results.  It is a 45 minute class that is a circuit style with weights, cardio, and stability workouts.  At the end of the eight weeks, the Bod Pod test is repeated.

My First Spin Class

I have tried to block that experience from my memory.  Here is what I remember and/or learned:
  • There is not a lot of personal space between bikes
  • Trying to coast is a bad idea
  • My arse has never been that sore in my life
  • Spin class makes me have a potty mouth


My classes are going well.  I am enjoying both of them and I am learning a lot.  I am a fish out of water with a lot of the technical stuff but I seem to be catching on.   In fact, I am practicing my HTML coding on this very blog post.  Please be impressed.   I am not sure how my instructors like me...I am that person that is the last to leave the classroom and the one that challenges a decision to deduct one point taken off an assignment.  My goal is walking out with a 4.0.   When I was in college the first time....I failed a class called "Learning to Become a Master Student".  FAILED IT.  I guess they wanted you to attend the class.  What a difference a couple of decades can have! 

Happy Valentine's Day!


bobbi said...

Got me a room and signed up for the I wait...

STRENGTH CLASS!!!!! Is the number one best non-running thing I ever did for my running. Does that even make sense? But seriously - you will NOT regret it!

Running Librarian said...

happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

You'll love doing strength... just like Bobbi said, it's amazing for your running!!

Life is easy to get in way of the small things... it's okay, we understand :)

Megsie said...

Oooooo. Such exciting stuff! I have been wondering about your classes. I am happy that you are still liking them and that you are ENGAGED. How the hell do you fail the master student class? Carly! Geez. Love that they make you pay for the class and then reimburse you. Incentive is what that is. Happy Valentine's day!!

Jess said...

Love the commentary about your classes! :)

Carolina John said...

Glad the school and training are ramping up into your comfort zones! Stick with it.

Delane said...

I love to spin. HVD!

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