Thursday, April 25, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Carly the Cook:

I have another challenge besides conquering 26.2 miles.....I am going to have to conquer the kitchen.  If you know me....this is no easy challenge.

On Sunday, the 14th I had a pain in my left side that came on so hard and so sudden.  It didn't let up.  Then came the fever.   I could not get out of bed all day on Monday.  Tuesday brought on more of the same.  Since it is very unusual that I call into work two days in a row, I decided to go to the doctor (in case my boss had a question why I was out).  I felt silly for even thinking about going. 
I am glad I did!
Blood test showed that I was fighting an bad infection.  Later that afternoon, I ended up with a CT scan.  It was not how I expected my afternoon to go.  About an hour later, I was speaking to my doctor about my diagnosis of Diverticulitis.  Great.  A real shitty condition....pun intended.  She handed me two antibiotics and a list of things I should avoid list of  no food just got a lot longer. 

I have no choice now but to make cooking, meal planning, and shopping a fun hobby.  There is only one problem....I HATE it all.  I am the queen of assembling meals and eating on the run.  I don't eat terrible but I don't eat enough of the right stuff.  With my food allergies, ulcer, and now diverticulitis (somehow I think they are all related), I am going to have to get creative.  My pity party is over and I am determined to make it fun.  I am adding my creations in the kitchen to this blog....if nothing else it will be humorous.  So if anyone has recipes that do not contain gluten, dairy, fruit, nuts, seeds, poultry, or shellfish....please send it my way.  Doesn't leave much now does it?

Bod Pod:

I had my post fitness assessment for my strength training class.  The results:
  • Down 4% body fat
  • Down 13lbs (a little of that weight loss # was padded by being on a liquid diet)
  • Doubled my push ups
  • Doubled my sit ups
  • Max leg press 350lbs
  • Sit and reach doubled.
 Not too shabby if I do say so myself.  I am completely sold on weight training.  Part of my assessment was to get into the Bod Pod.  It is a machine that accurately measures your body mass.  It is pretty cool with the exception of having to wear spandex in front of the buff college students running the assessment. 

I think the designers of this thing were inspired by Mork and Mindy (did I just age myself?) 

Training Update:

Two months until marathon time!  My shorter runs are going really well still despite my week of running off.  Long runs....well, I guess I had better start doing them.  I have been a fair weathered runner when it comes to getting out there to do the long runs......running in a snow storm is not my bag and neither is running on a treadmill.  I have a plan in place and as long as I can get up to 18 miles, I will be just fine.  My only goal for Grandma's Marathon is to have fun and to have it be a warm up for Twin Cities Marathon.  I don't have a time goal, I just want to have fun with this one. 


bobbi said...

FUN WE WILL HAVE! No question there :)

Dude. It's all salad and roasted veggies all the time, huh? That has to be tough! (coming from the girl who mirrors your didsdain for meal planning)...

Katie said...

Cooking can be super relaxing - I always listen to music when I cook :) Try pinterest, if for nothing but food. It's easy to search for specifics and the pictures make everything look so delicious! Good luck!

Soupy said...

Oh , man!!! That pod looks COOL! I wanna try that!!
Sucks on the cooking- I hear ya, I'm lazy bones on that -the crock pot is my friend! Ha!
Cannot wait to cheer you on from the side lines :)

and I have your breakfast needs met (wink wink) protein smoothie, anyone! hee hee.

Sorry about all the health crap, though! :(

Diana said...

Bummer about the will have to become very comfortable with cooking your own food if you ever want peace between you and your GI system! Be careful and don't avoid it, this can lead to other things you don't even want to know about!

Losing Lindy said...

wow you are going to have to get creative with cooking

congrats on your results!

Anonymous said...

Get cooking woman, I love it.. It is my relaxing time away from the hussle of looking after a family. x

Anonymous said...

Oh, Carly. I am so sorry about another dietary limitation. Geez. You have been through the ringer. I am excited about all of your great results and I am still thinking you are crazy with the marathon running, but there you go. Are you done with your classes?

Al's CL Reviews said...

I saw the Bod Pod and immediately went, "Nanu, Nanu!"