Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Wintery Mind Dump

  • I have been really trying to be good and not bitch about Minnesota weather this year but today I am having a full blown meltdown.  It is May 3rd and it is SNOWING.  I might add it is not a flake here and there but full on snow.
  • Adding to my meltdown is my to do list over the next 10 days.  Hockey is ending, baseball is starting, field trips and music festivals, there is Chubby Hubby's birthday and Mother's Day,  a final exam and final project.....oh AND a bunch of marathon training thrown in.  Like a dork I told my friends I would be MIA and made a flow chart of how to do everything and try not to lose my mind.
  • I am in salad euphoria right now.  I have been really trying to do well and bring my own food and watch what I am eating because of the diverticulitis.  I threw together this salad:  Mixed greens, broccoli slaw, craisins, bleu cheese, and a drizzle of Panera's Fuji Apple Dressing.   It is the small things in life.
  • Last night's run really blew.  Meh...some are good, some are not so good.
  • My favorite song on my playlist right now is Hall of Fame by the Script.  Not new and slightly over played but I love love love it!
  • Next week I will be a stop for a virtual book tour for an awesome book and hosting a Shaklee giveaway.  Stay tuned for details!
  • Tonight as I do crazy amounts of homework I will be cheering on my Minnesota Wild and razzing one of my favorite Blackhawk fans (cough cough Bobbi).
I guess that is all I  have for on my mind right now.  I hope the weather is better wherever you are and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


bobbi said...


I can't even believe it's snowing on you again. If it weren't so ridiculous, it'd almost be funny.

Lisa said...

I think May sucks almost everywhere. Bring on June! We want summer!!

Finding a skinnier me said...

We are having record heat here, it is usually 75 degrees but has been 93-95 degrees with 20-30 mph wind gusts, major yuck!!

That salad sounds soooo yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

I just finished a major paper and a blog post for my class. I am finally caught up! I hope you got your homework done too!

It is still February. Just telling you.

Anonymous said...

May has been a weird Month. I need some sun now to warm my bones lol.