Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Get Out of My Head!

I have had to revisit my Big Fat Midlife Crisis marathon goals:

Goal #1:  Run Grandma's Marathon and Twin Cities Marathon before I turn 40 in December

Goal#2:  Have fun and finish Grandma's without a time goal.

Goal#3:  Have one hell of a PR at Twin Cities.

I felt the need to restate these goals because I had a couple of weeks of bad running.  It was a bunch of different things that contributed to the craptasticness of my running (doing a Superman style fall on a busy street, getting pelted in the face with pine cone, and having to make a call of shame pick me up call for help) but the icing on cake was freaking out about a time goal.  It all started when I met this woman who mentioned that she was running Grandma's and she talked about how slow she was....a 4:30 finisher.  My heart sank....she calls that slow?  For some reason she got into my head.

I am working on resetting my thinking.  I am not sure why her commenting on her personal time affected me.  It wasn't like she was boasting.  We simply were having a nice conversation and my guess insecurities we poked.  I am just going to keep repeating:

Goal#2: Have fun and finish Grandma's without a time goal.

(Plus, I am confident that she won't have fun marathon toes and awesome friends to run with her)
Sunday was the one of the greatest days ever!  Kelli (my marathon life partner) and I have a blogging friend that was planning on being spectator at Grandma's Marathon.  We voiced our concerns to her that being a spectator was not acceptable and that she NEEDED to run with us.  She ignored us and kept turning us down despite our constant badgering.  We took matters into our own hands and ambushed her.  We signed her for Grandma's.....which is 4 weeks away.  We then let her find out about it on Facebook.  Yeah, we are kind of evil that way.  She took it in stride and was a really good sport about it!
By the way...I really need to brag for a second.  I finished my first semester of school with a 4.0!!!!  My final project was to build a website using html, style sheets, and javascript.  I put more hours into this project than I care to admit but it paid off and I nailed it.  FOUR POINT OH!  Student Carly from 1992 would not know student Carly 2013.  I can't wait to take more classes.

I thought that life would calm down after school ended and after hockey season was done.  Nope.  At the last possible second my children decided they NEEDED to play baseball (ugh).  I didn't argue because they have a never ended supply of energy that needs to be expended.  So  Four nights a week are now devoted to the most boring game on the planet.  Being the mother of the year, I often cut their games short to go for a run (well.....I have 2 marathons to train for!!!).

Diva's Debut as Catcher

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becomingmegsie said...

I can hardly climb a flight of stairs, you are running a MARATHON. I would be dead if I tried that. 4.30? pfffft. Whatever. NO TIME GOAL NEEDED is what I am saying.

Baseball IS boring. I am with you there.

becomingmegsie said...

OH! And WAY TO GO on your 4.0! Nice!

Jess said...

Baseball is def boring. I dated a baseball player when I was in college and still could get interested.

Best of luck with the marathon goals!

Jess said...

*Could NOT*

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I am learning to love baseball. Or attempting to try and like it. At least that's what I tell the 10 year old and the husband who is coaching.

I just don't get the whole interest in the sport.

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mizzzippy73 said...

Well done 4.0 - Baseball is a fantastic sport. I suggest anyone not so sure to go watch a live match, you will not be dislikikg after that.

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thoroughbred21 said...

The time thing is such a mind-trap in running. Runners who consider themselves slow are all over the map time-wise, and almost no one is happy with their times, ever.

Grandma's is a perfect race to just enjoy; you will never want for something beautiful to see or interesting to watch amongst spectators!

I'll be out there doing the half, and I am so underprepared it is ridiculous. This year, if girls in bikinis offer me bacon on a stick (as last year!), I might just stop and chat with them.

mizzzippy73 said...

Great results and another good post. x