Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Grandma's Marathon Recap

I am not sure how to begin my race recap.  If I were to describe Grandma's 2013 in a few words, it would go something like this:
Ridiculously FUN
I won't make your eyes bleed by writing paragraph style so I will give you the bulleted version (read:  when I started writing my muscles were too sore to even type!!)
  • I spent a few days in Duluth before the race.  We hung out with my friend Kelli and her family.  The kids jumped into Lake Superior and participated in the Whipper Snapper Races.  It was a fantastic time!
    Diva heading for the finish
  • The night before the race, my parents made an awesome dinner for us to carbo load.  It was a ton of fun!  The weather didn't cooperate so we moved everything inside my parent's garage. 
  • I was getting the royal treatment below.  Shoulder massage and some calf taping.  What is that you ask?  A mannequin head on the table?  Oh that is just "Steve", he is part of our family and he is celebrating the marathon with us.  In fact, he is going to do the marathon next year!
  • Race day was cold, rainy, and foggy.  Crappy weather but decent for running.  If it was hot and humid I was going to look for a drop out bus.  Mother Nature cut us a little slack despite giving us near winter temps in the 40's.  The tail wind was also a nice benefit.
  • I was pretty much the last person out of the biffy and lined up near the end of the pack.  Kelli moved up to her pace group and we didn't see her until the end of the race (She did awesome by the way....4:31!).
  • Kelli and I harassed Bobbi so much this training cycle because she REFUSED to sign up for this race.  So we did it for her.....she didn't have a choice....she was running.  Little did I know that I would be signing up a Drill Sargent which proved to be a necessity for me!
  • Bobbi and I ran the whole way together and no we did NOT plan to dress exactly alike.  The photo below is not blurry....this was thick fog!
  • The first half of the marathon went really good and then it went sharply down hill after mile 13.  My allergies and asthma started acting up and I was having a really tough time breathing.  Even the inhaler didn't help that much.  It started killing my mental game.
  • As the race wore on....I cried, swore at Bobbi (she said she couldn't be offended and I was going to die trying!!!), and hobbled in pain.  My foot was aching and my calves were cramping up.
  • At mile 17, the 5:30 pace group passed us.  That was a little more mental anguish for me as I thought we were far ahead of them and I was still in the running for a PR.  Not so.
  • Bobbi was compassionate but never once let me off the hook.  I ran when I didn't think I could run and she reigned us in when we needed to slow down.
  • At mile 23 I saw my high school friend Carrie and she ran with us for a  couple of minutes.  It was great to see her!!
  • Mile 24....I high fived some drunk 20 year old and HE PICKED ME UP.  Not in a "how you doin'" kind of way....He grabbed me and lifted me off the ground and shook me around.  I was a little shocked but died laughing.  It was a little painful though.
  • Mile 25 I think I cried again wishing for this hell to be over.
  • Finished!  5:43:07.  Not a PR but 12 minutes faster than last year.
    Yes....I really did look like death.
  • We were greeted by my family.  My brother gave me my medal and my husband wrapped me in a blanket.  The had finish line access because they were volunteering at the t-shirt booth.

  • I was dead after the race.

I maybe a little dramatic.

I will post more about the race and the weekend but this is the bare bones recap.  I hope that Bobbi is still willing to talk to me!!  It was not an easy race, but it was amazing and fun.  Hooray for marathon #6! 


bobbi said...

Where to start?

1. I am SO GLAD you guys signed me up. I had a blast and never once regretted running the whole thing with you.

2. I am SO GLAD you had fun! I was a little worried there for a second, haha!

3. I am SO GLAD you weren't pissed at me. There were a couple of times when I thought, "am I being too hard on her?" while I shouted MOVE YOUR ASS CARLY!

4. Dude. That dude picking you up will forever remain a highlight of the day for me.

5. If we run next year, Steve MUST come along. I told John about wanting to gear check him in the clear plastic bags and he about spit out his drink.

Love you girl - that restored my faith in my ability to run a marathon :) THANK YOU!

Soupy said...

Girl, I am SO happy and proud of you! I feel so bad I did't get to SEE YOU IN ACTION but I was LOL here reading about the drunk guy! LOVE IT!!
So proud, so proud, so proud.
Just sad that we were too busy to see you and Kelli and the kiddos- SOON, we have to! I hope you are recouperating nicely now!!!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. Amazing. AMAZING. And yesterday, at the dentist? You looked like you run marathons all the big deal, just another MARATHON. Did I mention that you are amazing? AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. Amazing. AMAZING. And yesterday, at the dentist? You looked like you run marathons all the big deal, just another MARATHON. Did I mention that you are amazing? AMAZING.

Losing Lindy said...

great job!!

Diana said...

Congratulations Carly! Well done!
I love, love, love your face in the finish line picture! I can totally relate-
Enjoy your accomplishment!

Vaudiophile said...

Fantastic work. You're now 5 marathons ahead of me.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Congrats, looks like fun........ NOT! LMAO...

Carolina John said...

yay! That may not be a PR but it's another notch on the headboard. I'll take any marathon finish I can get at this point.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Awesome job!!!