Monday, July 1, 2013

Diet Bet

A friend of mine started a game on and I decided to take a chance and play.  This is a site where you can get motivated to lose weight and win money.  The game starts with a small wager, our was $20.00.  You then have 30 days to lose 4% of your body weight.  If you get to your goal you win, if you don't you lose your money.  The winners then split the pot of those that did not meet their goal.  The more players, the bigger the pot of money.  Simple.

Our game had 70 players and ended up with $1400.00 in the pot.  I am happy to report that I am a winner!  I won $28.72!  I lost a total of 8.8lbs in the last month.  I didn't think that it was anything significant until I saw the photos. 

The game required to take a full length photo and a close up of the scale upon the start and finish of the game. They give you an individual code word that needs to be photographed and included with your upload. The photos are then audited by Diet Bet staff and once they are approved, you are good to go! The photos are not made public but I can't help but think that my scary photos have made someone's wall of shame.

Please excuse the Nick Nolte like mug shots.  I have a secret.....I wake up looking like a train wreck!

May 29th

June 30th

I see the resemblance!
I think I am going to keep the momentum going and either start my own game or join another one.  If I start my own game, is there anyone out that that would like to jump in?