Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Recap

It sure has been a very long time since I have paid my little blog a bit of attention.  I have not been ignoring it on purpose.  A busy crazy summer along with lacking a real computer makes it difficult to produce a good blog post.  I have a hard time typing on my iPad.  I am totally going to be the old crotchety lady that refuses to move grow with technology.  I like having a real keyboard and can't seem to function without one.  hmmmmfp.

I will start my lengthy recap with my story about getting bit by a dog last night.  Yes, I got chomped on by a dog!  I was running through my 'hood and minding my own business when this "dog" (using the term loosely because it was the size of a football) starting running towards me growling.  I of course didn't take it seriously because, well the dog looked like a football.  Then the little prick got out of his collar and started biting my ankles.  Now I know why they call them "ankle biters"....because they really do.  I went to get him off of me and he clamped down on my finger.  Son of a.....

I yelped and the owner came running.  He started yelling at the dog and I think he apologized.  I just kept running because I was ROCKING my run.  Three blocks later, I noticed my hand was throbbing and bleeding.  That little bastard drew blood.  I was pissed and I wanted to punt that little shit.  I never went back and pushed on.  When I finished my run, I had a new 3 mile personal best....30:35.  Yay.  It may have been under 30 minutes if it wasn't for Kujo.  I didn't report it but I probably should have.  This dog's home is on my regular running route and if he ever comes after me again....I will make sure he eats enough chocolate to kill him.   Sorry dog lovers...I don't get mad, I get even.

Oh yeah....when I tell this story to my friends in real life....the damn dog will be a REALLY big dog.

This summer has been flying by!  Here is a brief run down of how we have been spending the summer:

Birthday mania!  I now have an 11, 9, and 6 year old.  Today is Diva's Birthday.  Birthday mania consisted of all of my kids having birthdays within two weeks of each other.  Then we had a family party and small separate kid parties for each.  I am broke and tired.

Sports.  We finished baseball at the end of July only to have hockey and football start a week later.  It is fun but it makes for a really grueling schedule.  All three of them are playing football and hockey (even Diva).

Vacation.  The middle kiddo and I went to Arizona to hang out with Kelli and her family for a few days.  I only took him because Kelli has a son his age.  He thinks it is because he is my favorite and holds it over his siblings.  For the record, the sibs were not jealous because they had other "special" things just for them.  Then, we (the whole family) hit up Wisconsin for a family reunion.

Marathon training.  I am running better but not enough.  I have had to adjust my goals of making a killer PR to just doing better than I did at Grandmas.  I am okay with it....I just don't have the time to devote to training like I should be.

Diet Bet.  I just finished my second diet bet and it was an epic failure.  Well, not complete failure....I lost 1lb in 4 weeks.  I was bummed not to win but I am down 30lbs since March.  I am very happy about that.  I am thinking of starting a new game 9/3 if anyone is interested.  I didn't gain any weight during BD mania.  That is a huge success in itself!

This is my quick check post.  I will be back to blogging soon!


Glan Deas said...

Wow!!! I like this doggy.. I like your blog. I am your regular reader but it is my 1st comment.

Kopi Luwak said...

Great stuff:))) what's the diet bet though?
Hope you've got over the doggy trauma:///

CharisFaith said...

I'm always a little freaked by dogs on my running route, and I'm a dog lover. I was running with my dog and a beagle came running after us, I thought for sure I was going to wind up with a bite but fortunately it ended ok. Down 30 since March, and no weight gain during birthday mania, that is awesome!!!

Carolina John said...

that dog obviously has good taste....

Anonymous said...

I hate dogs. At least dogs that are not under the owners care. I've been chased by them and now I carry pepper spray. I haven't had to use it but I wouldn't think twice to spray them little shit heads down. Hopefully you won't have any more trouble while running.

Soupy said...

OMG cannot believe you got BIT! Not funny!!!!

Cannot believe (also) have freaking fast this summer has gone!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

My friend was bit by a dog when we were running this spring. GRR..! Glad you are okay.
Yep, I've been absent too, it's been a busy summer!

John said...

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