Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Challenge Accepted

Can I revisit October 6, 2013 for  a brief moment?  I had a runner's high because I just obtained a marathon PR.  That high lasted a few weeks.  I was so love drunk with my PR and everything running that I signed up for not one but TWO more marathons in 2014!  In my mind 2014 was going to be the year that I cut my time to cover 26.2 miles to 4:30.  I had a solid base and my motivation was high.

Then the kids got sick.
I still ran.

Then I got sick.
I ran when I felt better.

Then it got cold.
I ran outside bundled up.

Then the hockey season started.
I made plans with the hockey moms to do races

Then it got REALLY cold.
I thought about running......away to Florida

THEN it snowed some more.
Then I opened up a bottle of wine and said forget it.

I am not sure if I dare utter the words "Spring" but it is starting to feel like it.  I have been out "running" (using the term loosely of course) but after the frigid winter and constantly being ill it is really tough finding my legs.  It is going to take a few weeks to brush off the cobwebs* from the bod.  I can currently run one whole mile.  ONE. 

One mile might be a great starting point but not when I have marathon in 10.5 weeks.  It is April 8th and I still have yet to complete a long run.  This is where most people will tell me to drop out and try again next year.  This is where I get lectured that I am going to hurt myself.  This is where I channel my inner Barney Stinson and scream:

I do realize that my decision to continue onward towards Grandma's Marathon is slightly insane but I have several great reasons:
  • It is not my first marathon
  • I am not going to win
  • It is not the first time doing this course
  • I am doing it for fun and don't care about my time
  • I spent money on it
  • My friends are doing it
  • My friends' training has also been in sucksville
  • Doing it for cake
I am disappointed that I am not heading toward smashing my PR but I am okay where I am at today.

*Cobwebs=15lbs of winter misery weight.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Killing the Writers Block

Over the past several months I have had a massive case of Writer's Block.  I didn't mean to stop writing.  In fact, I have sat in front of a screen about 100 times trying to dump all of the things trapped in my head.  Winter kicked my ass and sent me into a major funk.  I couldn't make myself do ANYTHING.   Tonight I am forcing myself to write.  I have parked myself in front of the computer and told myself that I am not getting up until there is a blog post published.  Well, I do have to get up and do my laundry because if you think my blog has been neglected, you should see my laundry room!

The last 6 months of my life can be summed up in 3 words:

If you don't believe me, here is the run down from October to April.  It is quite pathetic.

  • Strep Throat
  • Hockey
  • Stomach Flu
  • Hockey
  • Bronchitis (8 WEEKS!!!!)
  • Hockey
  • 40th Birthday
  • The Holidays
  • Signed up for 2 Marathons
  • Hockey
  • New Project for Work
  • Polar Vortex Hell
  • Hockey
  • Cold
  • Another Cold
  • Hockey
  • Strep Throat Round 2
  • Spring Hockey

You might have noticed half way through the list that I SIGNED UP FOR TWO MARATHONS.  You may also have noticed that you don't see running/working out/ training on that list.   Mother Nature has shown no mercy and she clearly doesn't care the I have a spring marathon in less than 12 weeks. Yes…I am blaming Mother Nature for my mental and physical demise.

I had very good reasons to sign up for these races (err….perhaps a midlife crisis) and now I am starting my training with only 12 weeks to go.  Folks, do not try this at home. A couch to Marathon in 12 weeks is not recommended.   Most of you are not like me and have some common sense.  I of course will torture myself and risk injury to get across that finish line.  

Spring is in the air and we are starting to see grass.  I am completely ignoring the fact that we are supposed to get more snow.  I have gone out for a couple of 3 milers and the bod is a bit rusty.  I am hoping that it only lasts a couple of weeks before it is comfortable again.

I am looking forward to writing about this training cycle as well as some new topics.  This blog will be morphing a bit.

Mission accomplished.  A blog post is published.  I didn't promise it was going to be good!