Thursday, May 22, 2014

#RUNcelebration -- Skirt Sports Virtual Half Marathon June 1st

I am coming out of my writer's block coma because I have something I am excited to promote.   Can I talk about Skirt Sports for a moment?  I love this company because not only do they have some highly fashionable running duds but they have AWESOME customer service.  I purchased a tank and after only a couple of wears, it had a hole in it.  I called the company and found that the specific tank I purchased had material defects.  Two days later I had a new tank to replace the defective one.  I love a company that stands behind their products and make their customers happy.  I also love a company that supports women runners.

You may already know that Skirt Sports is putting on a Half Marathon in Louisville, Colorado on June 1, 2014.  I was a little bummed that I would not be able to swing a trip to Colorado in June.  However, I was very excited to learn that Skirt Sports is hosting a Virtual Half Marathon on June 1, 2014.

Virtual Half Marathon, you ask?

You commit to run the distance but you can do it in the comfort of your own favorite running route or treadmill.  You can run alone or with all of your buddies!

Why should you do a Virtual Half Marathon?

Because you have to get out and run anyway.
Because you will help support other women find their running legs
Because there is some serious nice swag...Skirts Sports Gift Card and a Running Skirt or Tank!!
Skirt Sports is offering my readers 25% off with the code RUNNER25

What does my race fee include?

Your fee will help fund a Women's Beginning Running Program.  Virtual racers will receive a goody bag of deals and samples, a Finisher Roll Down Skirt OR a Finisher Go Getter Tank  PLUS racer will receive a gift card! 

How do I register or get more information?
(Don't forget to use the code Runner25)

More about their cause in their own words:

Our Cause: Skirt Sports Kick Start Program

Kick Start is a women's beginner running program founded by Skirt Sports. We pair Beginners - women who want to start running but can't due to their barriers to fitness - with Personal Motivators - women who have found strength, confidence, freedom and more through running. The Beginners' barriers include health problems, family crises, weight issues, financial difficulties and more. Skirt Sports pairs these women with empathetic Personal Motivators who act as mentors while they guide and support the beginners through an 8-week training program that culminates in their first 5k - and transforms them along the way.
Skirt Sports provides the runners with a training program, running apparel, nutrition advice, free entries to their first 5k, and most importantly, support of other women who have been there before. Many of our graduates go on to become Personal Motivators - the power to give back is so strong! We are proud to have helped so many women change their lives and move down a more positive path - with the strength and courage they found through running.
The current Kick Start chapter is training for the Skirt Sports 5k on June 1. Currently, each chapter of Kick Start costs approximately $1,500. Our goal is to contribute to the next chapter through our Virtual Racers - it's your way of giving back!


 Please join me on June 1st!