Sunday, July 20, 2014

Runner's Depression

Last October, I was sure I would be writing a lot of blog posts about crushing PRs, being a solid middle of the pack racer (yes, I am shooting for average), and flaunting a body without a muffin top.  I was sure I would be writing fun race reports and showing off photos of new, exotic running routes.  After all, there is nothing like having the motivation to succeed than getting a PR in the marathon.

The reality is I am not writing about anything at all right now, nor am I running like I had hoped.  Oh and that muffin top?  Yep, it is a little bigger than it was in October.  It took me a long time to admit it and I a lot longer to blog about it, but I have been suffering from Runner's Depression.  The Urban Dictionary definition of Runner's Depression is paraphrased below:
Failure to complete a run workout for an extended period of time and do not give a damn. 
Yep.  That fits me! I do not know where my motivation went.  I became indifferent about running.  It has been hard for me because I am back at square one and  my head is not in it.  It is not fun, therefore I don't want to do it.  I viewed it as another obligation.  I pouted and whined.  I took an extended break and now I am ready to take the baby steps to get my running legs back.  I am done crying in my gluten free beer and I have a plan for my 1456th comeback. 

Well obviously if I want to be a runner, I need to run.  I am going to continue to lace up my shoes and plug away at the Hal Higdon Novice Marathon Training Program.  Despite my struggles, I still do not want to skip Twin Cities Marathon.  Only goal is to finish.  Currently I am doing a walk/run interval for the runs and I am still walking more than running.  My short term goal is to build my running to be able to string a few miles together.

More Hot Yoga
My goal is to do my Hot Yoga class at least one time per week.  It helps with strength and flexibility.  But most importantly it helps me stay sane!

Boot Camp
My BFF has been trying to get me to her Boot Camp class for MONTHS.  I have politely declined with a HELL no every time she asks me to try it.  I am a grown up and I don't want to be screamed at nor do I want to crawl around on a dirty floor.  She promised me it was not like the awful class we took at our local club (Still traumatized).  She told me I would know other people in class and it would be fun.  She also promised me that there would be heart rate data displayed to feed my OCD side!   Wish me luck...I am trying it on Wednesday.

There were a couple of items that sold this class to me.  The first being the people I know taking the class...that in itself will make it fun.  The second reason is that the instructor is also a runner and has made the claim that this class will help my running.  According to Bobbi, strength training made a HUGE difference in her running.

This 40 year old broad is going to give hockey a shot!  It might be more of a mid-life crisis type thing than something to help me get in shape for running.  Nevertheless, it is something new and something I am very much looking forward to trying.   Exercise should be fun, right?

My new plan is to incorporate more fun exercise options into my routine to help me get strong and like what I am doing.  Now that I have aired my poor me story, I can get back at and write about it more.


bobbi said...

Also suffering from lackbof motivation. I'm planning my runs with friends to make me actually go. It help.

Strength training is your friend! And is really fun with the right group!

HOCKEY!!!!! So exciting!!!

Losing Lindy said...

I am having issues with my current training too.

Anonymous said...

I haven't run in years. I bought NEW SHOES to motivate myself to WALK this summer. I started strong...for a week. Sleep is just so ADDICTING!

HOCKEY!! HOly Cats, girl! Have fun!

Lisa Isenberger said...

I'm a big believer in "if it's not fun, you won't do it" so if running isn't where you find motivation, you just need to figure out what you can do that gets you excited to be moving. Doesn't need to be running. It just needs to be something other than sitting on the couch eating ice cream (i am rather of a fan of sitting on the couch eating ice cream, don't get me wrong, it's just not all that helpful healthwise. hahahah)

Al's CL Reviews said...

I had to take awhile off. I was burnt out. I still am not completely enjoying it, but I need to exercise and I really hate everything else more than running.

Carolina John said...

I feel ya girl. Since I hit 39 a few weeks ago the midlife thing is in full swing. Good luck giving adult hockey a shot on goal!

If running isn't fun right now then don't do it. You can actually achieve the same health, weight, and mental wellness goals on the hockey rink as in a road race. And the same supporting cast of activities (yoga, strength work, etc) will still provide hockey support. Maybe you can be a middle of the line player! Shoot for the average.

Hailey Barger said...

I agree that running can be super boring. After playing indoor volleyball for years, I'm certainly more used to high intensity team sports.

If you're serious about wanting to motivate yourself to run more, there are a couple tricks I use to help me when I suffer from runner's depression:

1) Jog with a buddy. If you're going for mileage and not for time, it's amazing how quickly the miles fly by when you're involved in conversation.

2) Keep your music fresh. Constantly rotating the music through your running playlist keeps you from becoming bored with your music.

3) Listen to an audiobook or Podcast. They're just another form of distraction. My personal favorite is NPR's "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!" because it's hilarious.

4) Invoke the 10 minute rule. Usually the biggest hurdle for me is just getting out of bed to do my run. Motivate yourself enough to get up, get dressed, and go outside where you only have to run for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, if you still don't feel motivated to run then you can go home. Chances are, since you're already out and about, you'll want to finish what you started.

5) Cross train! Variety is the spice of life. There are so many different fitness classes, DVDs, equipment (etc) out there. Test out as many as you'd like to figure out what best motivates you.

Hope this helps! Don't forget to follow my blog, as I'm currently training for my half marathon!


A Better Me said...

I went from running nearly every day to not putting on my running shoes for nearly two weeks! I know I should get back to it, but a part of me is just "ho hum" about it.

I love hockey! Hope you enjoy it.

B.J. @ said...

I went through a really similar bout of don't-cares when I hurt my hip last fall. I just didn't care about anything fitness-related. Luckily, I got past it just by brute-forcing myself out the door and doing stuff once I was able. It was awesome to finally get the drive back.

But like an earlier commenter said, if it's not fun, you won't stick with it. Maybe running lost it's sparkle for you, which is why you're seeking stuff elsewhere like hockey--and that's okay!

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