About Me

My name is Car1274532_10151856920465129_1110545285_oly. I am a 40 something gal playing the part of a mature adult, despite feeling like I am still fresh out of high school. I am married to my college sweetheart and e
very day we scratch our heads wondering how we ended up with 3 amazing, funny, drive-us-up-the-wall kids that made us trade our our cool cars for a mini van (or as cool as 4 door sedans can be).
Like most people, I am chronically over-scheduled and I have a difficult time finding life balance. Most of my time is spent working as an IT professional and running my 3 little darling rink rats to hockey (or other various activities). There never seems to be enough time in the day to get stuff done let alone time to devote to a healthy lifestyle (busted...that was an excuse).
I am on a mission to make some positive changes to live healthier even with a crazy schedule. I need to lose (more than) a few pounds, find my running legs, and unleash my inner Wayne Gretzky because I a budding hockey player. Added to this list I am going to learn to cook and stop feeding my family concession stand hot dogs for dinner. Did I mention that I am a nightmare in the kitchen? This blog is my version of reality TV.